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Rules,Terms & Condition

Supervision and Health Conditions:

  • Children must be accompanied by parents or caregivers at all times.

  • Staff provides general supervision; parents should actively watch their children.

  • For the safety of all guests, we kindly request that you refrain from visiting Hippo Playground and Cafe if you or your child have experienced vomiting, diarrhoea, or any other illness in the past 48-72 hours. This precaution helps prevent the spread of contagious diseases to others.

  • Use of playground equipment is at your own risk.

Admittance and Conduct:

  • The play area is for ticketed customers only.

  • No outside food or drink is allowed.

  • Cakes are only permitted in party rooms, not in the playground seating area. Table reservations for birthday celebrations with cake can only be secured in our Cafe and on certain days only.

  • Children with casts, injuries or special needs must maintain a safe distance, and their parents assume responsibility for any accidents and/or incidents.

  • Hippo Playground and Cafe disclaims liability for any personal harm, loss or damage on its property.

  • Unattended children will be handed over to authorities.

Ticketing and Refunds:

  • All products and services, including general admission and non-slip socks, are non-refundable.

  • Tickets are only valid on the day of purchase.

  • If permitted under exceptional circumstances, a ticket entry refund incurs a $10.00 transaction fee.

  • Birthday celebrations, with cake, in our Cafe incur a $20 surcharge from Monday to Friday during the school term only. Celebrations are prohibited in the Cafe area on Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays.

  • No refunds or exchanges for change of mind.

Pricing and Policies:

  • Prices include GST and are subject to change without notice.

  • 15% surcharge applies on public holidays.

  • Hippo reserves the right to provide final explanations.




Supervision and Entry Limitation:

  • Only 2 supervisors per family are allowed free of charge during weekends or public holidays.

  • Extra adults incur a $5 fee per adult.

Footwear and Socks:

  • Non-slip socks are recommended for kids; regular socks are acceptable for adults and children.

  • No shoes or bare feet are allowed in the play area or when using equipment.

Age Restrictions:

  • The play area is only for children aged 0-13.

  • Children over 14 are not allowed on the equipment.

  • Children under 5 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or older.

  • Spectating children aged 13 years must pay the entry fee.

Behavioural Rules:

  • No foul language, rough playing, or yelling.

  • Only one person per slide/swing/jump at a time.

  • No jumping off the slides.

  • Watch out for other children.

  • Read signs properly before entering different areas of the playground.

Food and Drink:

  • No outside food and drinks are allowed, except baby food or packed lunch.

  • No food or drink in the playground area.

Prohibited Items and Activities:

  • No smoking or alcohol consumption within Hippo Playground and Cafe premises.

  • Verbal abuse towards Hippo crews members is not tolerated under any circumstances.


Report all incidents and/or accidents to staff members.




Outside Food Policy:

  • Outside food is strictly prohibited within our premises and party rooms, except for bringing your birthday cakes and cupcakes into the party rooms.

Damages and Cleaning Fee:

  • Additional charges may apply for damages to our facilities, and a cleaning fee of $100 may apply if the room is left dirty, particularly if food or cakes are found on the floor.

Decoration Guidelines:

  • We provide standard decorations with the room fee, but we request our guests to be careful not to damage them.

  • If you decorate the room, please remove your decorations and return the room to its original state.

  • Double-sided tape is not permitted as it may damage our walls; we recommend using blu tack instead.

Booking and Room Usage:

  • Use the room only within your designated booking period.

  • Please vacate the room promptly at the end of your booking to allow time for cleaning and accommodate other guests.

  • The room speaker will pair with your device when Bluetooth is enabled. Have fun with your music, but do not forget to disconnect after your party.

  • The room fee covers disposable utensils, plates, cups and a cake knife, but we request our guests to avoid excess waste and use them responsibly.

  • The 30-minute extension to your party time slot must be arranged with our staff and prior to your party date.

Prohibited Items:

  • Party poppers and pinatas are not allowed in the party rooms; violation may incur additional charges.

  • Outside food and drinks are not allowed.

Allergy Information:

  • Please inform our staff of any allergies or dietary restrictions among adults and children to ensure our kitchen can accommodate dietary needs. Hippo assumes no responsibility for undisclosed food allergies.





Payment and Bond:

  • Full venue hire fee and bond/deposit must be paid at least 7 working days before the event.

  • Bond deposit of $700 (playground hire) or $1000 (playground and cafe hire), excluded from the venue hire fee, is required.

  • The bond is non-refundable for cancellations due to a change of mind. $350 or $500 may be refunded in case of government mandates such as COVID-19.

Setup and Cleanup:

  • Catering and decoration setup times vary depending on the venue option chosen.

  • For playground-only hire, catering and decoration preparations can begin at 5:00 pm (weekdays) or 5:30 pm (weekends).

  • For playground and cafe hire, catering and decoration preparations can begin at 4:30 pm.

  • BYO decorations are allowed but these must not damage our facilities.

  • Guests are welcome to hire a decorator. Tables and chairs in the playground area can be rearranged to your preference, but they should be returned to their original placement.  

  • In terms of cleanliness, guests are required to pack up and dispose of all rubbish in bags.


  • Guests may bring their own food; however, the kitchen will be closed for preparation, heating, or cleaning.

  • Disposable cutlery, cups, plates, and napkins are required for self-catered events.

  • A 10% discount on the hire fee is offered for catering ordered from Hippo Cafe, with customisable menu options.

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