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Book a Private Venue ...

​From 6pm-late 

If you do want to order food from our cafe, or plan on extending use hours of the venue, or require for alcohol options please refer staff .

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  • How does a venue booking work?
    Select a time for your venue. Pay deposit to secure the booking. Our staff will email you and talk about the venue setting.
  • Will the deposit for booking be refunded?
    The deposit for booking will not be refunded if you have decided to not show up or to cancel your booking.
  • When a fully payment will need to make?
    Full payment of your function excluding the deposit should be paid in at least 5 workings day prior to your event. After paying the full payment that is required, the deposit automatically changes to the bond. After 7 working days the bond will be refunded after confirming that everything is in good condition. If there is equipment misused or extended hour use of the venue we will deduct the cost from the bond and refund you the remaining.
  • Can a venue use an entire playground area?
    Venue hire without food supply only can use the playground resting area. Venue hire with food supply can use the playground resting area and Cafe area. If you booked a venue without food but want to use Cafe area then please contact us to discuss.
  • Can I use Cafe kitchen for my own catering?
    Our Cafe kitchen is not available for preparation, heating and cleaning your own catering.
  • Playground Rules
    Adults and children over 14 years old are NOT ALLOWED to play on the equipment. Socks must be worn at ALL TIMES including adults supervising children in the playground. Bare feet are NOT permitted in the playground for hygiene and safety reasons (socks are available for purchase at the counter). While eating and drinking, all guests must be seated in the café or outside the playground. NO food and drinks are allowed in the playground. No smoking is permitted in the building or the car park.
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