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Hippo Playground & Cafe

Membership Madness

Hippo cafe  Weekday Special 
Half Price Deal (Hippo Member Only)

As a member, you'll enjoy exclusive perks such as:


Special Discounts: Dive into a world of savings with discounts available exclusively to our members. From menu price deals at the Hippo Cafe to extra Hippo points rewards.


Hippo Points Rewards: Every ticket purchased at a admission price earns you Hippo Points! These points can be redeemed for various rewards, such as entry tickets, delightful toys, scrumptious food, refreshing drinks, and much more. The more you party, the more you earn!

Join as a member for ONLY $20 get $25

Cafe Credits +2 Hippo Points


What can you redeem in April ?

  • 2 points: 1 free kids toy from the café with any food purchase

  • 3 points: A pair of socks

  • 4 points: Muffin or Scone

  • 5 points: Coffee (hot)

  • 6 points: Cotton Candy

  • 10 points: Bowl of fries 

  • 12 points: Kids meal

  • 16 points: Paw machine x 1

  • 18 points: Playground entry ticket x 1

How to earn more Hippo Points ?

  • Leave us a Google review: + 1 point.

  • Purchase entry ticket before after school hours: + 1 point / ticket

  • Exchange 3 paw machine toys for 1 point.

  • Order Chef special at café: + 1 point



















































































And guess what? All party bookings automatically get you signed up for a Hippo membership, where you rack up those awesome Hippo points with every purchase. Book your party now, and let the rewards begin!


Don't miss out on this limited-time offer to sign up for free membership now!


Hippo Member
Weekday 2 Hour Session Pass


Hippo Cafe Weekday

 price Mon-Fri 

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