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Debating Outdoor Vs. Indoor Playgrounds for Your Child’s Play

The present generation of kids often have to stay indoors – now more than ever! This is because of the ongoing pandemic as well as the development of technology and advancement of gadgets. Today’s kids are often criticised for constantly being indoors. But is this the only perspective? Are there no major advantages of indoor games? We discuss all of this and more in the sections to follow.

Outdoor Playgrounds-

The classic way of being alert and active is getting yourself and your kids involved in sports and other similar activities. It can be a hike in the park, a camping in the woods nearby or just an outing with your sports gear on! Hence outdoor activities are very important and outdoor playgrounds are all the more important.

But what are the benefits of outdoor playgrounds? Enlisted below are a few of them:

· Rich source of Vitamin D

Sunlight is a major source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for bone density, heart health, and a healthy immune system. Playing outdoors in playgrounds or simply indulging oneselfin such activities helps in the absorption of Vitamin D, thereby making your kid healthy and happy.

· Active and heathier kids

Playing outdoors ensures that your kid runs and jumps and walks, i.e. overall they stay alert and active.

· Higher attention span

Outdoor playing helps improve concentration levels and hence the kids are able to focus better. This is because outdoor playing involves a lot of activities good for the mind like throwing and catching a ball.

· Better cognitive and audio-visual senses

Overall playing outdoors helps improve cognitive and audio-visual senses. The greenery of outdoor playgrounds helps develop stronger eyesight while outdoor activities help improve receptive and cognitive senses.

But is playing outdoors the only good way of playing? Are there no advantages of playing indoors? This is not the fact. Playing indoors has its own share of advantages listed below:

· Consistent weather conditions

By letting your kid play outdoors you expose them to varying climatic conditions. This can often result in your child falling sick. But when you let your kid play indoor, or accompany them to an indoor playground, the weather there is constant. This is suitable for them and hence consistent weather conditions are a huge benefit of indoor playgrounds.

· Secure toys

While playing outdoors brings with it, its own share of happiness but it can get very unsafe sometimes. This is because the parks you are taking your kid to might have equipment with sharp edges or rusted surfaces. This is dangerous especially for kids who are very young. Hence, for such kids a better option is to take them to an indoor playground where the toys and other equipment are made with safe material and the environment in there is kid friendly.

· Safer areas

The most important point of concern for any parent is their kid’s safety. Hence, selecting an indoor playground which ensures security and safety as well as freedom for your kid is of utmost importance.

Having discussed the advantages and disadvantages of indoor and outdoor playgrounds we are now in a position to judge if one is better than the other. And if so, which one should be our choice?

In our opinion, both- indoor and outdoor playgrounds have their own benefits and both are important for a child to grow, develop and thrive. Hence playing both indoors and outdoors as and when possible, leads to all round development of your kid.

If you are a parent or maybe a group of parents who are looking for an indoor playground for your kids as well as a place to hangout and have a relaxed day or two then Hippoworld is your place. You can check out our pricing plans too which are very affordable. We also provide Party Room Rental where you can celebrate your child’s birthday party and have a fun-filled day full of memories. You can also book an entire playground and spend some private time with your kids, friends and extended family. All in all, we at Hippoworld assure you a safe, secure and a remarkable outing and a day full of memories.

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