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Why indoor playground keeps kids happy and healthy?

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!” Since time immemorial we have been listening to this saying and isn’t it supremely true? As parents you understand how essential it is for your kid to participate in any physical activity and to keep at it. Sometimes it is the schedule, sometimes it is the weather and sometimes it is just the limiting playground facilities which prevent parents from letting their kids play their heart out. And this thing has its own repercussions! Let’s list them all one after the other-

· Kids become couch potatoes since they are glued to book, television or video games the whole day.

· Kids avoid socializing anymore and do not try making new friends and hesitate from fostering new relationships.

· Kids become self-centered and shy away from sharing their thoughts with others.

· Kids become moody and they often have less happiness index.

So, what’s the solution and how much feasible is it? Indoor playgrounds are what works wonders and there you have it! A one-stop solution for all your problems. And here’s why-

· Indoor playgrounds help keep your kid physically active

Most kids enjoy climbing and running and simply having high endorphin levels. On days when it is not possible to take your child outdoors, an indoor playground is a great idea. This is because indoor playgrounds have all many entertaining activities to participate in and a lot of other kids of the same age group. This ensures that your child runs and walks and jumps and falls. All in all, indoor playgrounds are great places for your child to get their blood running. This also ensures your child completes their quota of daily physical activity as well as have fun at the same time.

At Hippo Playground and Cafe, we have many such activities to keep your kid involved and active at the same time. We try to design our activities to strengthen the physical as well as mental well-being of your kids. A lot of thought is put in this process and it ensures long-term benefits.

· Indoor playgrounds help them socialize and build friendships

Being surrounded by children of the same age group, it is obvious for your kid to connect and make new friendships. Thus, it becomes easier to socialize and have fun at the same time. Moreover, playgrounds and related activities are best ways to learn life lessons together. With assistants and elders around, your child also learns to respect and communicate with people across age groups. This helps them develop a very outgoing and dynamic personality once they grow up.

At Hippoworld, we have kids across age groups, cultures and statuses. This allows them to mingle and enjoy together. We often have group activities which kids participate in. this helps them bond well, help each other, learn and grow together.

· Indoor playgrounds keep your kids happy

Active kids often tend to be happier and healthier because physical activity is directly related to mood upliftment and high happiness index. Moreover, a social circle and their healthy mind and body helps them stay happy too, because healthy is the new happy!

Being happy is further related to increased positivity, mental alertness and elevated grasping power. A good mental space encourages children also tend to perform better in schools and other educational domains.

At Hippo Playground and Café, we combine entertainment as well as droolworthy food. This is why we offer you the perfect place for a fun outing with your kids and friends together. In addition to this, birthday celebrations and other such events can be wonderfully planned out here. Doesn’t it sound just perfect?

At Hippo cleanliness, fun and frolic are of utmost importance. Hence our playground is scientifically designed to accommodate and suit multiple kids and bring to them an experience of lifetime. What’s more is that we also have annual packages to get your kids enrolled with us. Do check them out!

If you wish to avail any of the above services, have any queries or wish to check the place out, do contact us today.

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