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The best party venue for any occasion in Auckland, NZ

Searching party rooms to celebrate special occasions? Stuck on party ideas? Wish to know whom to dial-up for throwing a party for your special occasion?

There are several entertaining centers in Auckland, NZ who have been planning parties for years now. Among them, the best ones make sure that they prioritize the safety of your child along with you and your guests thereby promising a magical day with memorable and enchanting precious moments.

Another benefit of planning parties at party venues is that you don't require to think much about it. Straight from the decorations of the party, to baking cakes, picking perfect gifts, and themes to the party, these party venues make you and your child, and your guests feel overwhelmed. Moreover, looking at the weather conditions in Auckland, NZ, it is quite likely that it can potentially ruin your precious day. This is why several indoor playgrounds offer party venue hires where your child can play, have fun, and enjoy their best day while you can sit back and relax enjoying your occasion. HIPPO is an excellent entertainment center that has an indoor playground, cafe, and party rooms and allows venue hire. They are the perfect destination to celebrate your precious occasions!

However, you must be wondering how indoor playgrounds will provide the utmost fun? Well, who doesn’t love playgrounds? There is no doubt regarding the fact that everyone does. Hence, you should not give a second thought before booking a party room in Auckland to turn your casual occasions into fun occasions. However, these indoor playgrounds have several safety rules and regulations. You must ensure looking into the safety rules that the venue offers.

An ideal party venue will promise you that the entire space is free of any void or dangerous materials that can cause harm to your child or create obstructions to your movements.

On the other hand, some party rooms stand apart from the rest of the crowd. These party venues will provide you with rooms by selecting a perfect theme to add a dash of spark to your occasion. For kids, they offer unlimited access to the playground.

Now occasions are incomplete without food right? When you connect with the center, make sure you don't forget to ask about the packages included when you book your occasion. The best ones will always provide goodie bags and juices along with delicious and yummy food packages to fill your tummies inside the party room.

Few rules of an ideal party venue having a playground include,

  • You must wear socks at all times without fail

  • No bare feet will be allowed inside the venue for safety and hygiene reasons

  • No food or drink will be allowed inside the playground

  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the building or car parking space

  • While having a meal, each guest should be seated outside the playground in the cafe area

  • You can use the playground equipment at your own risk only

  • Yelling or rough playing will not be allowed

  • No jumping off the sliding board will be allowed

  • No bottles or glasses in the play zone

  • No one can use the equipment who is over 13 years

  • Any child who is less than 5 years, should be accompanied by their guardian or parent

Although most party venues usually do not allow any outside food inside their premises, there are several party venues like HIPPO that allow you to bring your food. On the other hand, you can even enjoy its food package in its cafe area!

Few common rules and policies of venue hire include,

  • Any adult or child who is more than 14 years old will not be allowed to use or play with the equipment

  • All adults supervising the children along with the children themselves need to wear socks at all costs

  • No bare feet will be entertained inside the playground. Of course, hygiene and safety must be the top priorities of any party venue. (in case you don't carry socks, you can buy them at the venue counter)

  • These venue hires allow you to bring your catering when you hire the area. However, the kitchen will not be available to prepare, heat, or cook for your catering. Moreover, when you serve a big meal, you are required to bring your disposable cutlery, plates, rubbish bags, cups, and serviettes. Later, the entire area must be cleaned within the hours you hire the venue for. In case you stay longer, the venue may charge you with extra cost. To sum up, you must clean the hired area 15 minutes before your function ends.

Well, we hope we could help you narrow down your search with this party venue guide. However, if you are still wondering what an ideal party venue will look like, HIPPO is here to serve you! Connect with them now to grab the best venue to celebrate your special occasions in Auckland, NZ.

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